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The Last Song of the Sun


single channel video (9min)
etched brass panel (135x100cm) ︎︎︎
publication ︎︎︎

Eye of the world, hovering in the center and holding us in his power,
the sun burns the land in his final rays of light.
Wounded mirror of our madness and of our destructions,
he sings his last song.

It is a song of anger and sadness.
A song of burning light and growing darkness,
of glowing rocks and melted sea.
Of blazing embers, of fading ashes.

It is a song of anger and sadness.
A song of destruction, a song of liberation.

It is a song for the dying land.
Sung—until both the sun and the land he mourns return to silence. 


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video stills


exhibition view, Graduation Show 2020, The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 




32 folded and openable spreads,
double-sided and hand silkscreened poster that acts as the cover.

Designed by Céline Hurka, with a typeface from Renan Rosatti.