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b. 1995 (FR), based in The Netherlands.

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Through photographic series—varying from a few pictures to longer narratives—and through short videos, my work unfolds in phantasmagoric stories or tales, dwelling on imaginary and hypothetical realities. This can range from the depiction of a rare breed of electric birds, vision of an unbound and raw energy, to darker perspectives, where the forgotten animals of ancient cave paintings slowly grow alive, under the gaze of a black sun.

There are not a lot of words in my work, so to speak. I enjoy, rather, the elusive and suggestive quality of the photographic medium. Its silence and its muteness. Not everything must be shown or said.


BA Photography, The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands


Textile and Material Design degree (BA equivalence), École Duperré, Paris, France



December 23 2020 — January 3 2021 (postponed)

‘OYO 4 — On Your Own’ group show
De Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, Netherlands

September 2020

‘Graduation Show 2020’
The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands


September 2019

‘The Sponge, The Clay, The Brick and The Bridge’
intervention and collaboration between three art academies (KABK, Rietveld, HKU),
Unseen Fair Amsterdam, Netherlands


January 2019

‘A Series of Contradictions’
group exhibition curated in collaboration with Femke Lutgerink, The Hague, Netherlands

March 2018

‘Forgetful Number in Novi Sad’
group exhibition and public presentations throughtout the city of Novi Sad, Serbia