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The Last Song of the Sun


single channel video (9min)
etched brass panel (135x100cm)


The Last Song of the Sun tells the story of the anger and sadness of the sun, who burns the land and himself, until both become dark. The sun here acts as the wounded mirror of the follies of men, as the furious witness of our destructive actions. Hurt in his very flesh to see the suffering of the land, he is a sacred and powerful figure who destroys, in his turn, in a desperate act of rage.

The Last Song of the Sun is in fact a mythological story.

Unless here, it is not a myth that looks back at the times of origins, but a new, invented one, that projects itself towards a mythologized future, towards an irrational and poetic time. A contemporary eschatology, actually, where the sun is the main character and where the land, although aching, is alive—both responding to each other, both darkening in a parallel and mirrored movement, in a close and entangled relationship.

An eschatology that ends up onto an uncertain opening, where new, menacing shapes emerge after the darkness, slowly moving in the shadows.

As a mythological story, The Last Song of the Sun exists of course in the time and reality of the myth; but it is still a story that relates to ourown reality, and to our own time. As, as the sun, we are, too, witnessing the frantic damaging of the land and the shrinking of natural life to an unprecedented extent.

The Last Song of the Sun is a different approach to this subject matter, it is an invitation to step freely into a different interpretation of our world, to allow ourselves to enter a poetic time and reality.

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